I believe that therapy is a journey that you and I take together – a journey in self-discovery. I do not believe that I have all the answers, that I have the specific advice that will make things better. Instead, I have an objective perspective and a guiding hand that can help us down this path. When you understand yourself better, how you tick, why you have certain insecurities, uprooting them becomes much easier. The solutions come to you.


At its core, therapy is about a connection between 2 individuals. For change to happen, it is vital that a personalized approach be designed for each individual. This is the pivotal component of treatment; cookie-cutter approaches are limiting and do not take into account the unique personalities we each bring to the table.


I have been trained in numerous psychotherapy approaches, and I bring my training and experience to the table when designing a “treatment plan” with the individuals I work with. I present the various options, and we explore the best routes that can be taken. As we progress on the journey, changes are made.


A journey implies movement. I have found it very beneficial to continuously assess the growth that has taken place. Although there can often be setbacks in therapy, in hindsight, therapy should demonstrate measurable growth. After all, if you are not feeling better, what are we doing. At the same time, therapy can be painful at times, and I strive to make the journey as liberating as possible.